On the wing, headed for spring

For all of you that made it to CapriCon37 in February it was great seeing you. The Artist Showdown was a hoot as always. Those of you who came got to see the launch of my new series of winged paper doll pigs.



They can next be sited soaring full bore above my booth (#420) next weekend at Spectrum Fantastic Art Live 5  (April 21-23,2017 in Kansas City, MO) Yes, pigs will fly and dragons as well as all sorts of other wondrous things. It is a feast for the eyes and as is always true, when a group of like minded creative people gather it is food for the soul. I look forward to seeing you all there.


I also would like to mention my friend and fellow Artist,  Sam Haney Press has finally accepted my invitation to SFAL. She’ll be helping & hanging around my booth and be one of the many wandering artists at the show. If you see her bug her till she shows you her work. After all it is a show filled to the brim with shy and retiring exhibitionists.

Here’s a link to her website:



For more info  about SFAL5 click on the image below:





What’s been buggin’ me

One of my latest series should really bug some people.


Inspiration is everywhere, the tiniest mundane creatures can be fantastic and wondrous. Because if that I’m inundated with crazy ideas.


To all who have worried and inquired. Yes,  I will be at CapriCon37 held at The Westin in Wheeling,IL. For those who don’t already know it starts on the 16th of February next Thursday. Come and be the first to what new. Don’t miss the Artist Showdown Saturday night. It’s a sure cure for the winter blues.

Click on the below for more details.



If you miss me there or are not up to braving the cold. My next show after that is Spectrum Fantastic Art Live 5. It’s back in Kansas City, Mo.

Click on the below for more details.

Happy Hollidays

Falling Fast

Quick News Flash:

Before  I get stuck under another batch of leaves…” Oooo pretty colors”……


WindyCon in Lomard, Il. is this weekend, if you miss me there or cannot attend on the 20th  I’ll be at Affair of the Arts in Spring Grove,Il. Details  for both events are in my last post.


Also update on “She Walks in Shadows” it Won the World Fantasy award for best anthology. Woot!


That’s all for now..see you soon.

Summer Daze 2016

What’s up, down and sideways? no it’s not a riddle just the way summer goes by sometimes. In this news blast I’ll stick with what’s up.

Only in a day or so I’ll be seeing some of you at WorldCon aka MidAmericaCon2 in Kansas City. Mo. I’ll be volunteering in the Art Show and leading a docent tour of the Art Show on Wednesday  evening around 6pm I believe (check your schedules)  so if your looking for me I’ll be there. At this point not certain where else??
For more info on the convention click on the image below:


After that so far you’ll have to wait till November to see me again two shows are on my agenda

WindyCon in Lombard,Il.





Affair of the Arts in Spring Grove, IL.



But wait there’s more! …I’ll be back in Kansas City next April for Spectrum Fantasy Art Live 5!!. I have already signed up for a booth. Yes, it’s back in KC,MO:)
For more info on this event click on the image below:


Also some other news. “She Walks in Shadows” the all woman anthology , I did the image below for

Keziah &BrownJenkin has been nominated for a World Fantasy award. Won’t know till October if it’s won but as they say “just being nominated is an honor”.


Well the van won’t pack itself.. ah only if it could:) See ya’ll soon.

Onward we go

My how time flies, whether you are having fun or not. It’s been some time since I’ve posted anything I know. I’ve been busy taking care of things in the real world. Granted it can be debated what’s real and what’s not depending on your perspective.

At the moment there are two things I know for certain:

1.) I had a great time at CapriCon 36 and am happy to announce  that my painting “The Rewrite” (below) won the artist challenge.


The Rewrite media: watercolor & colored pencil

2.) I am looking forward to seeing those of you that can make it, August 17-21st at MidAmericon2 (aka the 74th WorldCon) in Kansas City, Mo. Of course you’ll be able to find my work in the Art Show as well as me volunteering . For further info click on the image below:




I will hopefully have some more news very soon about a couple of other shows I have on my radar and hints of other wonders to come.



Capricon 36 schedule update

There is a change in my schedule for Capricon36. My kids watercolor workshop will be held on Saturday, February 13th from 2:30- 4pm and will in the Elm room. Also on Friday the 12th, I will be doing demos in the art show room between the hours of 11am-3pm.


See you all soon!:)

Happy New 2016!

Hope everyone had a delightful holiday season. Now the new year begins and I’m preparing for the fun that will be Capricon 36. It’s not too late to preregister. Just click on the image below and it will take you to the website. Hope to see you there.




Heard from the programing department just the other day with the initial schedule. ( this may change?)Below is the list of the panels I will be on this year and of course I will also be taking part in the Artist Showdown Saturday night as well as  be around for the Art Auction that follows.


Mythical Beasts in Lore, Stories, and Games – Thursday, 02-11-2016 – 3:30 pm to 5:00 pm – Birch B
A look at mythical beasts found in ancient lore, modern literature, and gaming. We will explore their classical origins, how they have been adapted over the years, and how people are inspired to create their own.


The Importance of Visual Design in Movies and TV – Friday, 02-12-2016 – 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm – Willow
The look of a movie or TV show can greatly affect how you visualize the setting. We discuss how SF&F;design has impacted people’s perceptions of the future & past.


Wonderful Watercolors – Sunday, 02-14-2016 – 1:30 pm to 3:00 pm – Birch A
Share a fun way to work with watercolor and colored pencil. It’s a great way to relax and ignite your creative juices. Go with the flow, if you’ll pardon the pun. Open to all skill levels. Parents are welcome to join in with their kids.


I’ll be leading the last one. I also maybe doing demos in the art show room on Saturday afternoon.


That’s all for now..see you all soon!:)




News Flash!

It’s not too late to see me and purchase prints before the end of the year.

Next weekend you have two chances to see me and my work.

First show is Windycon42 in Lombard by the Yorktown mall. This is a SF convention and there is a registration fee. My work will be on display and for sale in the Art Show Friday and Saturday.

Follow link for more info:w42-logo-300x300


Sunday I’ll be at Affair of the Arts in Spring Grove, IL. This is a free event open to the public. Lots of wonderful work by various artists in a variety of media in a lovely setting.

Follow link for more info:



If you miss me at either of these events my next scheduled show is Capricon36 in Feburary.

Follow link for more info:Cap36_Storytelling_homepagegraphic_updated102015

Spooky days are here!


News Flash!

Just added another venue to my fall schedule on Sunday ,October 25th 2015 from 2-6pm. I’ll be at Trick or Treat on Main Street in Wauconda, IL.  https://www.facebook.com/TrickOrTreatOnMainStreet


It’s an event for the whole family all the usual Halloween festivities plus for the first time a small group of artists and crafts people such as myself will be showing and selling our wares….such as my latest piece  below for the young and young at heart.

Mossy ( the olive green cat) media: watercolor and colored pencil
Mossy ( the olive green cat)
media: watercolor and colored pencil


To all that came to Dangerous Lullabies opening night last week, it was great seeing you. For all that missed it, it’s not too late the show will remain up till the end of the month.

dl opening night graphic