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Happy Valentine’s Day

Love Celtic Bindrune media: watercolor and colored pencil
Celtic Bindrune
media: watercolor and colored pencil

Capricon 33

Capricon33 "A.I. we become self aware" program cover
Capricon 33
“A.I. we become self aware”
program cover


Looking back at Capricon33 as I prepare for Capricon34..this coming weekend. (February 6-9th at the Westin in Wheeling,Il.

I was extremely honored to be asked to be Artist Guest of Honor last year for Capricon 33: “A.I.,we become self aware”. Capricon has always been a fun convention. Every year they come up with new and fun activities. (i.e. the artist challenge, the artist showdown) It was the first time I had ever been a guest of honor for anything anywhere.

For those of you who are not aware Capricon’s mascot is a goat and last years theme was Artificial Intelligence.  So I was challenged to create images featuring robotic goats. The thing I learned during the process was that robotic goats make good cheese! In my role as Artist GoH I was responsible for the program cover ( see above) and badge art.

Capricon33- Badge Design media: digital (Ai)
Capricon 33- Badge Art
media: digital (Ai)
Capricon33- Artist GoH badge- Karen Ann Hollingsworth
Artist GoH badge

I  also created a few other comic images for the convention as well. One which became the official con T-shirt for Capricon33 and another was the cover of the pocket program. All three were in the program itself.

A Meter Short Capricon 33 Tshirt design media: ink and digital color
A Meter Short
media: ink and digital color
Capricon33- official T-shirt
Official T-shirt


Terminator Goatbot Capricon 33- pocket program cover media: ink
Terminator Goatbot
media: ink
Capricon33- pocket program
pocket program cover


Cap33 vs Toaster media: ink
Cap33 vs Toaster
media: ink

I also presented and participated in several panels.

This convention was full of firsts and it was the first time I taught anything to anyone. Let alone the 30 students that showed up for my first ever Intuitive Watercolor Workshop.


Below is a photo of my display in the art show.

Cappricon 33- AGOH Display
Cappricon 33- Artist GoH Display


One of the highlights of the convention was being able to inform

my dear friend Richard Keller that he had won the artist challenge.

Richard Keller after winning Cap33 artist challenge
Richard Keller
Capricon33 Artist Challenge

This photo (taken by me) was just after he found out.  His painting that won is just under the artist challenge sign.

Some of you may recognize him as my “Atomic Mad Hatter”.

He and I tied as winners of the Artists Showdown which is held Saturday night of the convention before the live art auction.

I also won Best In Show- the award was created by the very talented James Brown.

Capricon33-Art Show -Best in Show- Award   created by James Brown
Art Show -Best in Show- Award
created by James Brown

If you haven’t already pre-registered for Capricon34 this year you can still buy day passes or weekend badges at the door.

I hope to see you there.