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Forward to the Fall

To all that came to Gallery in the Garden and Art & Soul. It was lovely seeing you all, old and new friends alike. You are what make the whole circus worth it. Both to my surprise and delight I am happy to announce, I was awarded 3rd place at Art & Soul.


So what’s next?

My next confirmed showing isn’t till October:

Dangerous Lullabies

An exhibit at the Historic Dole Mansion in Crystal Lake, Il.

A bit of a departure for me..showing my dark side. The show will feature, “Beauty found in the ashes of terror or the magnetic pull of work that is disturbing, on-edge or dark.”

Keziah &BrownJenkin
Keziah & Brown Jenkin 


The above illustration is for She Walks in Shadows, an all woman anthology based on the works of HP Lovecraft. Published by Innsmouth Free Press.

Available this October follow link for more info:

Those are only the things I can confirm at the moment.

In the meantime it’s back to the drawing board for a while. (Not that I’m ever far from it.) As always I’ve got stuff stewing in the old brain pan. Keep checking this page to see what I’m cooking up next.

Here’s a hint:

SKRIBBLES: Doodles, Designs & other random acts of Artiness. by Karen Ann Hollingsworth