Many Thanks:)


I would like acknowledge and thank those who have helped me with this and  my old website.

Peter Williams

who assisted me with writing the HTML for my original website.

(RIP- He was a dear friend and is sorely missed)

Dan Petrak

Without whose assistance this site would most likely not exist

and whose continued help is greatly appreciated.


 My Good Friends

Denise Garner & Martin McKenna

For helping me with the initial beta testing for this site,

Whose encouragement and insights

 I value greatly.


As well as the rest of my dear friends for putting up with me.


Most of all I would like to give a very special thanks to

Jean Hollingsworth (aka Wren’s Mom)

For her tireless years of support and assistance.


Last but not least those of you who visit this site

Thank You,

for making me feel less like

I’m tilting at windmills.



(aka Wren)