About the Artist

KAH-headshot ” Karen Ann Hollingsworth is an eclectic  and prolific artist, her work is both illustrative as well as decorative.  She infuses it with humor, grace, and her childlike sense of wonder. It is what dreams are made of.  Her attraction from an early age to fantastical worlds as well as our natural world continues to inspire her work today.

She chooses to work in traditional media, particularly watercolor and colored pencil, allowing that which begins life in her mind’s eye to truly enter the physical world. Her unique technical approach produces results that have confounded many a trained observer.

She is a freelance illustrator, graphic designer and fine artist, taking on professional and private commissions and selling reproductions of her work at local Art Fairs and SF conventions. Recently she has begun to conduct intuitive watercolor painting workshops that are open to all skill levels. As a tutor she has successfully cured students of their fear of working with such a notoriously unforgiving media.”

by Roberta Rosencrance

Fantasy Portfolio frontispiece media: watercolor, colored pencil and acryla gouache
Fantasy Portfolio Frontispiece
media: watercolor, colored pencil and acryla gouache