News Flash!

I went away for a while…now I’m back:)


Happy New Year Everybody!


My next event is coming up quickly. Time does flies doesn’t it?

Capricorn 38 taking place at the Westin in Wheeling, IL February 15-18,2018 .Click on the image below for more info.

If you can’t find me at Capricorn38 you must be at the wrong convention. Not only will my artwork be on display and for sale in the Art Show, I will also be on three panels starting with

Imagining the Impossible

(Friday 16th at 2:30-4pm, Bitch B room)

How do you take the unknown and render that in Art?

Other panelists: Sarah Wilkinson, Jan S. Gephardt, Frank Salvatini, Emily Knowles-Grumble.

Of course it is a subject I know knowing about….

After that also  on Friday the 16th, back by popular demand I will be leading another

Watercolor Workshop

(5:30-7pm, Elm room)

This is a hands on workshop. I’ll introduce you to how I approach watercolors and combine them with colored pencils. To produce intuitive works such as this..

Abstract Swirls
media: watercolor and colored pencil

As always the workshop is open to all skill levels and ages. Though if you are 12 or younger I request you have a parent in tow.  I will provide the paper and tape. I have limited supplies so if you have your own paints and pencils I encourage you to bring your own.

To download a list of supplies  click here:

Wren-commended Books & Supplies PDF


Saturday is the busiest day:

Different Audiences

(Saturday 17th at 1-2:30pm, Bitch B room) 

How does the purpose of art impact the creation of the artwork? Panelist will discuss how they approach their craft when they are planning to sell their work to general audiences versus creating it for media properties.

Other panelists: Dexter Fabi, Melanie Silver, Sarah Wilkinson,

Artist Showdown

(6:30-8pm in the Ravinia Ballroom A)

The artist attending the convention participate in a live battle of wit and skill using a sharpie markers on a large piece of brown paper. The mural will be sold at the live Art Auction that follows money from the sale of the mural will go to the convention’s charity “the Freedom to Read Foundation”

Art Auction

(8-10pm in the Ravinia Ballroom A)


I hope to see you all there.

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