Wren-commended Supplies

Intuitive Watercolor Painting

Supply List

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The following items listed below are the brands I use, however they can be substituted with whatever you prefer or you can afford.

  1. Pelikan 24 pan watercolor set- transparent or opaque.( A good set of pan watercolor can last years)
  2. Prismacolor  Premier colored pencils ( Soft colored pencils are best. I do  NOT     recommended  the watercolor colored pencils for this technique, for they will bleed if you apply additional layers of watercolor.)
  3. A hand held pencil sharpener. (Prismacolor now makes a very nice one made especially for colored pencils.)
  4. A plastic “Boning” tool for pressing down tape and removing paper from block. (Any brand      will do even an old letter opener or stiff ruler.)
  5. A special cup for holding water. (I do not recommend using one you may drink out of  later, reason being that some watercolors have ingredients that you really shouldn’t ingest. For the same reason keep pets away from your rinsing water and don’t lick your brushes.) Ceramic or heavy glass ones are best as they will not move when rinsing your brushes. (Most fun place to find these are at resale shops, house  or garage sales. My favorite glass one I bought for 50¢ at a rummage sale in the garden department.)
  6. Paper towels (whatever brand you like. I like Bounty)
  7. Hair dryer ( whatever kind you have.)
  8. White eraser ( I like the Pentel ‘Clic Eraser” or for finer lines Pepermate’s “Tuff Stuff” eraser stick.)


The next 4 items you will want to buy the brand names as their quality is worth the investment.

  1. Aqvarrelle Arches -Hot Press – watercolor paper 140Lb
  2. Synthetic flat watercolor wash brush –   ¾ in -1in (a high quality brush  can last years. It is worth the money to invest in a good one)
  3. 1in wide white Artist’s Tape by Art Alternatives.  (I suggest after removing the plastic it’s wrapped in  store the role in a plastic baggy,so the tape doesn’t pick up any lint on it’s edges.)
  4. Clayboard- ultra smooth surface, bigger than your paper size.


Optional supplies

  1. Holbein Acryla Gouache ( I use these for the finishing layers and white highlights. If you don’t wish to buy a full set. Just get a tube of titanium white and jet black)
  2. Small round brushes . ( sizes 20/0 -18/0)  to use with the gouache for highlights, these are sometimes called liner or script brushes. They are delicate things I suggest storing them with their plastic covers on them.
  3. Filbert brushes- whatever size – I use from ¼ to 1/8 in . They are great for blending, shading and making textures. ( I’ve been very happy with Winsor & Newton’s  blue handled Cotman series, available at Blick’s)



Sketching and Drawing

(Not included in PDF)

1. Paper: Canson- Sketch (Medium tooth) 9×12.

2. Pencils: Prismacolor’s Turquoise 3B-9B, Faber & Castell’s Jumbos 2B-8B, Papermate TopNootch Grip (mechanical pencils) 0.7 & 0.9mm

3. Erasers: Besides the white erasers listed above Faber & Castell makes a very useful eraser pencil. Because you can sharpen it it’s great for fine details.

4. Smudgy sticks: Can’t recommend a brand because I’m still using my Dad’s old ones. There’s nothing like a well aged smudge stick:)